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Takashi Endo is a self-taught Japanese potter making ceramic art with a confidently minimal aesthetic vision that nearly takes priority over the functionality of the work. It balances decorative design and functional design, with pieces made so thin, regular use is a risk. The fragility requires the user to be completely focused on the use experience, heightening consciousness and awareness of self in the present moment.

Endo works exclusively in black and white, and the work is decorated with the subtleties in the pottery surface – the texture of the clay, the variations in the glaze, or the speckles on the surface. He finds inspiration in architecture, design, and music, which he translates into his own visual language in clay.

You can follow his ceramic art practice on Instagram or Facebook and you can buy his work at Analogue Life.

Is Endo’s work functional pottery or decorative design? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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