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Recently, we saw ceramic artist Kyung Won Baek on Musing About Mud and were impressed by her design sensibility combined with her focus on ceramic phenomena. Won Baek’s forms are inspired by architecture and mechanical devices and after an idea forms in her mind, it develops there for a few days before she creates it in clay. The wood firing process imbues her work with a sense of history and process, drawing out unexpected textures and metallic speckles. Ultimately, it is the mystery of the process combined with the curious forms that make Won Baek’s work compelling, questioning function and origin.

Won Baek’s work is simple, focusing on design, but also wears the imperfections of the handmade and process proudly. The result is work that is rooted firmly in contemporary design, but radiates a sense of comfort, modesty, and warmth.

Kyung Won Baek received her B.F.A. and M.F.A from Seoul National University and in 2015 she was a resident at the ClayArch Museum in GimHae, Korea.

Via: Musing About Mud

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