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Yoshi Fujii is an accomplished ceramic artist, holding degrees in Foreign Language, Anthropology, Sculpture, English as a Second Language, and Ceramics. He is a native of Fukuoka, Japan and moved to U.S. in 1996 where he has remained. Fujii is currently a resident artist, instructor, and gallery manager at Baltimore Clayworks in Maryland.

Fujii explains his inspirations, “Design and function of the work are influenced by my heratige. Porcelain and translucent glazes, such as celadon, historically sustain the value and also suggest the fascination toward elegance and beauty. In the forms of function, I always reference what I saw on the table as I grow up, the seasonal dishes served, and even the relationships with viewer/user. Through the search of my personal identity in the process of making objects, I project myself in the surface designs and patterns extending my inspirations from traditional wood-cut prints and textiles to wrapping papers, advertisement and even tattoos.”

Within his Japanese heritage, Fujii connects with the values of thoughtful design and keen craftsmanship. His ornate carved design is perfectly showcased by subtle variations of blue and green celadon glaze. The work demands respect from the user in every existence – in use and on display. The work calls to be used on special occasions, objects so precious they become a ritual in celebration.

“In Japan, especially among the high-class society in the old time, it is a luxury to alternate dinnerware according to the season, and it is my humble desire to share the beauty of this culture hoping that my work can represent a season or even one special occasion of life.” – Yoshi Fujii

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